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Waterproof work clothing Vass 350 jacket 100% waterproof high quality PVC/Polyester material

Vass-Tex 350 Midweight Waterproof Jacket

SKU: VA350-20E

Mid weight 100% waterproof high quality Vass-Tex 350 PVC/Polyester material is hard wearing yet very soft & flexible. It’s Bi-Stretch properties offers the wearer full comfort and is less restrictive during use. Boasting a Hydrostatic Head (a laboratory test for waterproofness) of between 25,000mm – 60,000mm which is probably the highest achieved in its weight category. Although not Breathable the Vass-Tex 350 material has a Micro Polyester reverse which helps absorb body moisture for improved comfort


  • Elasticated cuff
  • Compact when folded
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