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Vass-Tex 700 S5 Reinforced Safety Thigh Wader. Steel Mid Sole and Toe.

Vass-Tex 700 S5 Reinforced Safety Thigh Wader

SKU: VA700-67/68

Vass-Tex 700 S5 Reinforced Safety Thigh Wader

The highest quality PVC wader available in its category!

Heavy Duty Vass-Tex 700 Series material with flexible bi-stretch properties for comfort and reliability.

Introducing the Vass-Tex 700 S5 & Reinforced Safety Waders. This wader uses the tough high quality Vass-Tex 700 smooth PVC outer with a soft polyester reverse (slight stretch for comfort but also acts as a shock absorber on the seams). The body is fused with the S5 (Steel Mid Sole and Toe) reinforced Chunky Soled boot offering comfort, reliability and ultra hard wearing properties. Benefitting from Vass’s usual high standard of manufacture and materials the Vass-Tex 700 Safety range also includes features such as Quad-Welded Seams, Reinforced Knees, Elasticated & Box stitched brace loops, Easy repair material (see our repair guide) and internal draw-cord in the chest wader for safety and comfort.

Note: It is the responsibility of the wearer to understand that the studs affect the grip of the sole i.e studs improve the grip on slippery mossy surfaces however can reduce grip on plain concrete surfaces!

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